L&R has worked on projects using ATMega128 Atmel AVR processors, which use an advanced SD/Flash File System. The cards store DOS/Windows compatible files which can be read thru conventional USB card readers on any PC. This gives the systems almost unlimited storage capacity for Data Acquisition and other applications. During 2010 L&R Ing. completed the CL2bm1 board that can use processors from ATMega32 to ATMega1284P.

Download Features (2.2MB PDF): Cl2bm1 ATMega1284P CPU board+M4/E Expansion

Schematics: Cl2bm1 diagram

Cl2bm1 Graphical Block Diagram: GraphicBlockCl2bm1

Cl2bm1 PCB view and mechanical Dimensions

AVR 1284P Datasheet

Auxiliary M4E Board Schematics

PSoC 1 in M4E DataSheet

Input calibration in embedded systems: Two point calibration method (PDF)

Cl2bm1 from L&R Ing.

Mega128 Based PWRC

We have also developed a Cypress PSoC 8C27443 /8C29466 compatible board. These advanced System On Chip processors offer software-configurable analog and digital module and up to 32K of Flash program memory. This board is being used with the DLCy Logger, a low power logger with serial memory (EEPROM ) of 32/64kb capacity.

See OpenDLogger Project using PSoC

Contact us about the project at:

DlCy with 29466

DlCy bare board (bottom) and Auxiliary board (AUXDlCy)

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