OpenDLogger - rev 2015


The OpenDLogger Project has been revised, and it is intended to conform a flexible data acquisition module, for multiple science & technology applications with moderate precision requirements and limited budget. It will involve an open system in its hardware design and C source-code. The basic system is based on PWRC2 systems installed at INTI-Neuquén test-site for small wind turbines since 2012, and on boards designed an produced through an ANR-SeCyT (an official R&D funding from Argentina - project SC002/2003) which have been tested in different applications since 2005. We are aiming to a low power system with various analog channels, available ranges in 0-5V or 0-10V, using 10 and 13-bit A/D conversion .

The system has a reduced power consumption, and some of its features are:

* SD memory storage, up to 2GB using industrial grade SDs
* oriented to current, voltage and power measurements.
* Optional external module (METEO) for wind, temperature and barometric pressure measurements.
* Real time clock with Temperature-compensates Xtal oscilator and CR3032 battery
* alphanumeric 4 x 20 LCD display
* Membrane keyboard 4-key connector
* Serial RS232 or USB module with FT232
* Optión: External line (220VCA) power supply, connection to PV panel and external 12V battery, working as mini-UPS.

Piggot turbine measurement application diagram in PDF

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L&R Ingeniería - Teófilo de Loqui 58 - 9400 Río Gallegos - Argentina - TE/FAX +54 (0) 2966 430923
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