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I. Prototyping Boards

High quality prototyping boards ProtoR840, ProtoR416 y ProtoR28T from L&R Ingeniería can be applied to small projects or series, and allow safe mounting on systems using plastic DIN-rail compatible cabinets. They are produced in FR-4 with plated-thru holes and standard 100-mil separation, made in Buenos Aires by Mayer S.A. External connection is achieved using screw contacts with 5mm separation (40, 16 and 8 contacts depending on model). They are provided with or without plastig DIN rail cabinetes. Screw B2AZ terminals can also be provided for direct soldering.

I.a) R416 Board

I.b) R840 Board (top and bottom)

I.c) R28T Board

I.d Descriptive document (Spanish)

I.e) Dimensions and application (R416)

I.f) Questions:


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