i) DC/DC Switching Converter 48V/0.5kW to 0-30V/0-16A, assembled and tested in metal cabinet. Schematics, design considerations and complete documentation. Manual control with digital interface.

ii) Same as i), but in Kit form, recommended for advanced users only. Complete documentation, schematics, Matlab files and assembly instructions.

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Switching DC/DC converter for Cathodic Protection using solar or wind power.
Can be used in: 

a) Isolated Systems - Oil Industry.
b) As a high-efficiency, non-isolated Power Supply.
c) Education: Switching Buck (Step Down) architecture example. Delivered with CD (or printed) documentation
containing schematics, component list, design considerations,.m Matlab file. Optionally in kit form.


Switching Converter for Cathodic Protection using Solar or Wind Power

  • Description: DC/DC Switching 0,5kW Buck converter, designed for cathodic protection powered by wind or solar PV cells, in 48VDC o 24VDC battery systems . Manual Voltage and Current control. DB25 connector for automatic control and data acquisition. Adjustable output of up to 30V@16A. Efficiency 80%......................(PDF 290K)........Eng C3b Characteristics rev2002a.pdf
  • Circuit (Schematics) ....(PDF 259K). SchemEnC3bs.pdf
  • Application Note............(PDF 337K). C3bTechDocPC_2002.pdf
  • Bare Boards or Board/Component Kits. Complete working Systems.
  • Bare board view:

  • Assembly View
  • Application of C3b (Perez Companc [curently PetroBras] Oil Company-Chimen Aike-1998).


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