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Embedded Systems:

CIAA Open Hardware Initiative (Computadora Industrial Abierta Argentina) - spanish.
Jean Labrosse's Site. Creator of uC/OSii, excellent multitasking Kernel for Embedded Systems. Author of great books.
Circuit Cellar Ink Magazine Home Page (Steve Ciarcia).Interesting magazine for practical electronics engineering.
EMBEDDED SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING Magazine. Great resource for embedded system programmers and engineers.
DOS Stamp Manufacturers. Site contains useful information, programs, downloadable manuals.
Excellent PC/104 CPU boards and Accesories.
MicroChip Site. Tons of application notes and useful information for designers and hobbyists.
Atmel site - AVR processors.
Cypress site - PSoC controllers.

Power Electronics and Data Acquisition:

International Rectifier Site: Lots of application notes on DC/DC converters and other power semiconductor info.
National Semiconductor Site: Design notes, Engineering information both for Power and Data Conversion Electronics.

Wind Energy Converters - Low Power:

Giacobone Site: Eolux Wind Turbines in Córdoba, Argentina. Also in English
Wind Empowerment - Small Wind power
Bergey WindPower Site. Manufacturer of legendary reliability turbines in the US.


Experts, Universities, Institutes:

Alternative Energy Group page at the Instituto de Tecnología Aplicada site (ITA) Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral - UARG
Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral Site. Alternative Energy Group (Area Energías Alternativas) contains lots of information on renewable energy, both in Spanish and English.
DEWI (Deutsches Windenergie Institut) German Institute of Wind Energy. Very interesting page in English, German, partially in Spanish.
NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories- USA). One of the international references on Wind Energy.
Paul Gipe's site - Wind Energy Expert, author of excellent books about home, and isolated wind power applications.




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